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The Rat

They are among the most prolific of all mammals. If food and shelter are available, rats will breed all year. Litters range in size from 6 to 22 young, but usually average 7 to 9. A single female may give birth to as many as 12 litters in a year. Rats will consume almost anything, but cereals form a substantial part of their diet. The UK official National Rodent Survey found a 2003 UK population of 60 million brown rats, about equal to the UK human population; winters in Britain are much warmer, making rat survival higher. Brown rats in cities tend not to wander extensively, often staying within 20 meters (65 ft) of their nest if a suitable concentrated food supply is available, but they will range more widely where food availability is lower. Their diet includes meat, fish, vegetables, weeds, earthworms, crustaceans, nuts and fruit. They sometimes cache food to return to later.

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